UFC Unification Bouts + Interim Champions

There have been 10 title unification bouts (undisputed champion vs. interim champion) in UFC history, with interim champions getting the better of those match ups with 6 wins to 4.

Last Update: July 19th, 2020


When Interim Champions Won When Undisputed Champions Won
Randy Couture (ic) def. Tito Ortiz (c) Brock Lesnar (c) def. Frank Mir (ic)
Georges St-Pierre (ic) def. Matt Serra (c) Brock Lesnar (c) def. Shane Carwin (ic)
Fabrício Werdum (ic) def. Cain Velasquez (c) Georges St-Pierre (c) def. Carlos Condit (ic)
Conor McGregor (ic) def. José Aldo (c) Khabib Nurmagomedov (c) def. Dustin Poirier (ic)
Max Holloway (ic) def. José Aldo (c)
Israel Adesanya (ic) def. Robert Whittaker (c)

Interim Champions

The above graph displays how many active UFC interim champions there have been at any point in promotional history. There have never been more than two concurrently reigning interim UFC champions.

This bar chart displays how many interim champions the UFC have crowned in each division. There has never been an interim champion in any of the women’s divisions.

This last graph displays how many interim champions the UFC have crowned each year. 18 interim titles have been introduced in UFC history.

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